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Craig Zucker Buckyballs

craig zucker buckyballs

Craig Zucker is known as a person who came with the idea to offer local bottling tap water to the New Yorkers. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tapped Drinks, Inc., their brand of the local water for New York City is TAP'D NY. The idea is that local water is better than water which is transported from 5000+ miles away. Maybe you are thinking what this person Craig Zucker and Buckyballs magnets joins together.

Buckyballs magnets gizmo with unlimited solution. A never ending puzzle game. Create any construction. Buckyballs magnetic building spheres are anything even what you are not abble to imagine.

Craig Zucker and Jake Bronstein

Craig Zucker and Jake Bronstein both live in the New York City and in this time they are business partners. Jake Bronstein is the inventor of the Buckyballs magnets toy and he is also good at developing and executing an alternative marketing strategy and consumer engagement strategies. Jake Bronstein with his alternative strategy can promote nearly any products or brands to be more visible than the competitor's. That's the reason why is Buckyballs more famous than NeoCube in the USA. Even though NeoCube magnets puzzle toy is on the market for a longer time and it is the original idea of Christopher Reda, Jake with his marketing strategy very easily cought the oportunity and now his Buckyballs is a stronger brand and more visible than the NeoCube. In other countries no one knows what is Buckyball, but all people know very well NeoCube. The reason of this is that Jack Bronstein promoted Buckyballs magnetic bulding spheres only in the USA, so people in other countries know only the original brand NeoCube.

Because Jake Bronstein is good at marketing and a strong marker maker, Craig Zucker asked him for help to promote his tap water idea and his brand TAP'D NY. Later he spoke about their cooperation : I've got this guy Jake Bronstein, he's a marketing wiz. Our first 60 days out he helped generate a multi-million-dollar press frenzy.

Craig Zucker has already done loads and the drink company is not his first business which he has done. Before he had the company which does a toy and gift distribution, he was selling rubber name bracelets and many other small cool items. From this business, which he stopped, he has the experience with selling and distribution of this kind of goods. So when Jake Bronstein and his Buckyballs magnets have been becoming more and more hot, Craig Zucker was the correct person who helped him organize this toy and gift business.
20.03.2010 revised 12.04.2010

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