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Buckyballs Vat 19

buckyballs vat 19

You can try to buy the original Buckyballs magnets in different retail stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart. If you are not successful to buy Buckyballs magnetic spheres there, you can go shopping online on the internet. Internet is the biggest marketplace mall and you can shop in different shops like Amazon, Fat Brain Toys, ThinkGeek, Dillyeo, Vat19 and many others. Shopping online on the internet has many advantages and benefits. You can be shopping online without leaving your home or office, easy compare the price in different shops and buy your Buckyballs at any time, because internet is opened 24 hours each day.

In this article we will describe our experience how we bought the Buckyballs from Vat 19.

Vat19, its internet address is, you can find in the USA - United States of America, State MO - Missouri, Street 11783 Borman Drive, Post Code 63146. This shop is not selling only Buckyballs magnets, they are specialists on different products. Their philosophy is to present and offer to customer any products with great descriptions, photography and video. Also their service is great without any mistake.

buckyballs vat 19 replacements spheres

To place the order to Vat19 is very easy, you just need to put the item to your cart. With the Buckyballs magnetic building spheres which cost us $29.95 we bought Set of 5 replacements spheres for $0.99. After we put the items to our shopping cart we checked out with PayPal. Then we chose a shipping method, available are UPS and USPS and confirmed the order and payment.

If you have some coupon code or promo code, you can use this coupon before you place the order. It is possible that you will get some discount or Vat 19 free shipping. The Vat 19 sells different kinds of products, for example in their shop you can get different toys, gadgets or the biggest gummy bear. Websites like vat19 are very popular, because you can very easy find some gift for him or her.
20.03.2010 revised 12.04.2010

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