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Buckyballs retail store

buckyballs retail store

You can buy the Buckyballs magnets toy in different retail stores. Have a look into some big store near your home or maybe better would be to visit some shop which sells items as gadgets or a special retail store selling magnets. If you can not get it ask the seller if he can help you or search on the internet with correct words "buckyballs magnets", where I am sure you can get good source of many Buckyballs retail stores. Compare the price and service which is very important too. Don't forget to check if the seller has enough stock for your order, because if the goods are out-of-stock the seller needs to order Buckyballs magnets from his supplier or factory and it needs waiting, so if you hurry a little, rather place the order to the shop which has enough stock of this great hot selling puzzle toy which is made in China. Original country where China Academy of Science discovered the NdFeB structure in the year 1982. Also in China there are the biggest mining areas of neodymium and Buckyballs is made in China too.
09.03.2010 revised 09.04.2010

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