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Buckyballs magnets

buckyballs magnets

Buckyballs are small but curiously strong rare earth super-magnets. It is a new toy that is becoming more and more popular worldwide and stands in fashion. It is easy to master the use method of the Buckyballs magnets and there are many uses of the Buckyballs.

Buckyballs, also called Neocube, Cybercube, Nanodots, Magcube, have different packings, can be different in diameter, but they are still magnets spheres. Buckyballs combines the advantages of all Rubik's Cubes and far from other Rubik's Cubes can be comparable. Neocube not only has a unique texture, and you only need to restore the particles into a spherical magnetic balls, it can also be another combination of stereotyping. Buckyballs are made of magnetic materials for processing or from the various fine of spherical strong magnets.

Buckyballs magnets of the mutual gravitational pole can be combined into unlimited free geometry. Don't be afraid that you are not able to use the Buckyballs magnets. Millions of people learn how to play Buckyballs magnets from YouTube at first. But after a short time, people play it without being guided and treat creating of new shapes as self challenge . You can pull Buckyballs magnets into a chain, fold them into a fabric, and mold them into limitless shapes, abstract and geometric, flat or 3D. At the same time, you will be surprised if you create one. So the Buckyballs magnets will attract your heart and bring you happiness and confidence. You may not have the ability to count all the uses of the Buckyballs magnets. You can use them when you need to massage your mind, practice your patience, relieve some boredom or alleviate some stress. Buckyballs magnets have the ability to educate and develop your creativity, which can improve your geometry and mathematics in intuition ability, and also allow us to imagine any of the graphics really rendering in front of us.

When we are playing the Buckyballs magnets, they unconsciously exercise our right and left brain hemispheres. Even more strange is that in the magnetic distortion of the ball cube deformation process, our pressure will also be released, while in the process of distortion, the buckyballs are no-wear without a stain.
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New puzzle with infinite solutions, unlimited fun, original toy, this all is Neocube. The never-ending puzzle which is composed from magnetic spheres.