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buckyballs magnetic building spheres

buckyballs magnetic building spheres

There are too many things that we don't understand or comprehend. We always have enough curiosity to explore these areas that we do not know. There is a new area which is called buckybals magnetic building spheres. For some times, we all become board during our work day. Buckyballs magnetic building spheres are magnetic balls and nothing like those will attract you. These are awesome building balls that allow you to build basic shapes, geometry graphics, magnetic jewelry, complex designs or whatever you want to design on your mind. It is not only to improve your imagination, but also conducive to the development of intelligence and creativity.

Buckyballs magnetic building spheres is a toy which is consists of 216 powerful neodymium N35 magnetic spheres. These spheres which we call as dots or balls you can stick and grouped together, molded, shaped together in a many different variety of configurations and so much more. You can use their powerful magnetic as a stress ball, putty or elements to build fascinating creations. It is designed in all levels to supply all players in different tastes. In this area, you can enjoy play, and not subject to any restrictions. Each small ball which have diameter size exactly 5mm have two poles, one is positive, another is negative. They are attracted to each other. Because of the polarity of two poles, 216 magnetic balls are held together by magnetic force and you can experiment with magnetic properties and discover a diversity of shapes. When developing Buckyballs magnetic building spheres, the engineer paid more consideration to the size, color and strength. Now, you can get better packing in jar. Quality products are produced out by Chinese factories. Buckyballs magnetic building spheres open up a new field toy industry. It is not a mere toy. It can develop your intelligence, foster your interests and enhance your imagination. This is a rare company of your partner. In the spare moments of boredom, you can pull out the Buckyballs magnetic building spheres to fritter away boring time. It is easy to carry with some carry pouch because of its small size. Each beads about 5 mm in diameter.

All in all, Buckyballs magnetic building spheres is a enjoyment and intellectual toy in cheap price. Get the cheapest buckyballs magnets check some China supplier as or visit retail shop Neocube is original name of this unique geek toy. It is worth for you to have one. Also, you can buy one for your children as a gift.

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New puzzle with infinite solutions, unlimited fun, original toy, this all is Neocube. The never-ending puzzle which is composed from magnetic spheres.