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Buckyballs knockoff

buckyballs knockoff

On the market you can see many different brands as Buckyballs, NeoCube, MagCube, EuroCube, Zen Magnets, Nanodots and many others which are not so famous. So many brands for a product which has the same idea. Which is the original and which is a copy - knockoff.

Neodymium as material for permanent magnet was discovered in 1982 by the China Academy of Science. China is also the biggest producer of neodymium magnets all over the world. Primary mining areas in China are located in Baotou, Inner Mongolia and in Sichuan province. 90% of all neodymium is mined in China. So if you buy your magnetic building spheres in Australia, UK - United Kingdom, USA - United States of America, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, or in any other place you will get the magnets which are made in China.

We don't know who first invented magnet spheres from which are composed every wonderful shape and pattern which you saw on youtube video or on some photo from flicker. We know that the first person who had the idea to make some cool video and put it on the youtube was Christopher Reda with his NeoCube. It was year 2007 when this original toy started to be more and more popular. From this date you can see more and more brands with different packings and different names, but still it is the same toy which is composed from magnetic spheres.

Buckyballs knockoff idea

Two years later after Christopher Reda invented this art puzzle in Monongahela, USA, Jake Bronstein from New York city found out that these magnets spheres which can be manipulated to unlimited different patterns, constructions, shapes and other geometrical figures can be a good selling article. With his experience from alternative marketing he copied the idea of this toy from Christopher Reda and started selling the NeoCube under the brand name Buckyballs. Of course to knock off an idea is not the same as to knock off some design of a handbag or an iphone, still it is an imitation.

The first packing of Buckyballs magnets was in a glass bottle and didn't look so attractive as the current packing with a small orange carrying case and a nice colored box. For this nice packing a professional designer was needed.

The brand name for this toy is also not so original. Buckyballs comes from Buckminster Fuller - an architect and designer. Buckyballs known as carbon molecules have been named after him.

Buckyballs from China

If you like the magnet spheres and want to buy more than one set, buy it directly from China. You can get a more competitive price and you can buy the ball magnets at a very cheap rate. The price is better because you will buy directly from the source. Also you can buy different colors as Black, Red, Nickel, Gold, Blue and Silver. The original Buckyballs is only in one color Nickel which is the cheapest color, and it offers only one basic size 5mm. Buy directly from China, you can choose any size you like.
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