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buckyballs game

buckyballs game

I guess that you must have played basketball, you must have had or raised a dog, you must have played many games on the computer. Now there is a game, I do not know whether you have played with it. Once you play the game, you will be addicted to it. We call it a buckyballs game. It is inexpensive, and it does not require you to spend the energy to take care of it, and it doesn't need you to spend the energy to take care. It has a huge magnetism, but it also has a huge energy.

The buckyballs has 216 pieces composed of magnetic iron balls which are 5mm in diameter. Their design is compact and simple games are played, so you are suddenly in love with it. This rule about how to play the buckyballs game you can find the video online. Of course, you can also play according to your own imagination to create novelty ideas. Not only ability to exercise your hands, but it also develops your intelligence. According to your liking, you can mold it into different shapes. Geometric-shaped, triangular, circular and some other simple shapes.

Today, the buckyballs game is becoming a fashion game of the young.
27.03.2010 revised 12.04.2010

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