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Buckyballs magnets the best toy of all puzzle construction toys


Even the simplest concepts of Buckyballs magnets can be used and updated now and again. Take the old magnet spheres ball, for example. Buckyballs magnets toy is just a set of 216 pcs of magnets spheres in diameter size 5mm, made of strong powerful neodymium grade N35 which is more stronger then other magnets which you know as whiteboard magnets or different kinds of fridge magnets. The Buckyballs magnets can be molded, sticked, shaped, caught together or separated. Kids and adults can play games, make shapes, different patterns or just use it as a strong magnet to stick some paper and other stuff to the fridge. The Buckyballs magnets toy company has come up with a unique new design taken on this old idea.

BuckyBalls magnets are suitable to make different contructions and enhance kids understanding of geometry. Children can tap into their imagination to conjure up different structures. Teach your kids patience and problem-solving as they learn by trial-and-error how to best build different structures using the magnets. Great stress reliever for adults too. Bring the Buckyballs to work and be the office star! Can be good gift for your boss also, for your kids and friends.

Buckyballs magnets

Strong powerful are these tiny Buckyballs magnets. Even each Buckyballs magnets is very small still is strong eunght to hold all left spheres from the original set which contain 216 pcs magnetic balls. If you wanna know more check Buckyballs magnets.

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